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Pioneer Life or Thirty Years a Hunter

Pioneer Life or Thirty Years a Hunter

by Phillip Tomb
reprint of 1854 edition
hardcover, index
$25 + $4.00 p/h

by Philip Tome Preface - With the republication of Pioneer Life: or Thirty Years a hunter, by Philip Tome, with notes and an appendix, the undersigned feels that is has fallen to his lot, with Mr. A M Aurand, Jr. to help preserve one of the most valuable and interesting records of early frontier life and history relative to the State of Pennsylvania.

Chapters include Hunting the Elk, danger from Rattle snakes, Wolf and Bear hunting, Hunting and Trapping, Nature and habits of Panther, Wolf and Fox, Distinguished Lumbermen and Reminiscences of Cornplanter to name a few. Over 180 pages with index of names and places.


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