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Our new books are updated with current burials and contain at least twice as many burials as the original series, plus they are in alphaetical order, to make finding your family so much easier. Please note - most of our books are done by reading the tombstones in the cemetery - so if your relative had no stone - they probably will not be listed.


Super Cemetery is now finished 

- so - 

 if you want all the burials in Lycoming County 

that start with the letter J or all the "Smith's"

just send us an email and we will calculate a price 

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NEW: Townships A-la-carte

The Lycoming Genealogical Society is pleased to announce that individual townships may now be purchased without purchasing a complete Cemetery book.
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Townships A-la-carte now has all of Wildwood Cemetery available for purchase Please note there are 6 sections to Wildwood Cemetery:

* Mount Carmel (Catholic)  * Grandview
* Mound * Overlook
* Wildwood West * Wildwood East

Muncy CemeteriesNEW:

The Muncy Cemetery compiled by Lucas Brass Soft Cover Book.
The Muncy Cemetery book has been retyped into the same format as our other Cemetery books.
Note: we have NOT photographed this cemetery, nor added any burials since the book was originally published. It is just in the new format as used for our other books, and to be compatible with our other databases.)

City of Williamsport - Our newest book of the Cemetery series has just been completed. It includes the now defunct cemeteries of Calvary Methodist, Arch St Presbyterian and Old Ross Park. It also includes the columbariums of Christ Church and Trinity Presbyterian Church. And of course Williamsport Cemetery also known as Washington Boulevard Cemetery and St Boniface Cemetery which have been re-read and photographed are included.

East of the Loyalsock - includes all of the cemeteries in the Townships of Fairfield, Franklin, Jordan, Muncy Creek, Mill Creek, Moreland, Penn, Shrewsbury, and Upper Fairfield and the town of Picture Rocks and two small cemeteries in the town of Muncy. Does not include Hughesville, Muncy, Montoursville and Twin Hills, which are available separately. Over 11,000 burials.

South of the River
Contains all of the cemeteries in Lycoming County which are located South of the Susquehanna River (Armstrong, Bastress, Brady. Clinton, Limestone, Nippenose, Susquehanna, Washington) and a few in Gregg Township in upper Union county which at one time were part of Lycoming County.

West of the Loyalsock - includes all of the cemeteries in the Townships of Anthony, Eldred, Hepburn, Loyalsock, Lycoming, Mifflin, Old Lycoming, Piatt, Porter, Woodward, and Saladasburg, except the cities of Jersey Shore or Williamsport.

Northern Townships of Lycoming County - includes all the burials in the townships of Brown, Cascade, Cogan House, Cummings, Gamble, Jackson, Lewis, McHenry, McIntyre, McNett, Pine and Plunketts Creek and also Blackwell and Spencer in Tioga County. These cemeteies have been reread to include recent burials.

St Boniface Cemetery - Now included in Catholic Cemeteries of Lycoming County or availabe in the a-la-carte section

Catholic Cemeteries of Lycoming County - Includes all of the known Catholic Cemeteries in Lycomig County, including the cemeteries of Mount Carmel in Wildwood Cemetery, Ressurection, just outside of Montoursville, Assumption in Cascade Twp, St Boniface in Williamsport, Immaculate Conception in Bastress Twp.

Montoursville Cemetery - updated as of July 31, 2015

Jersey Shore Cemetery

Original Lycoming County Cemetery Series (each volume is indexed)

Vol 1: Anthony, Armstrong, Bastress, Brady, Cascade & Clinton Twps, plus Gregg in Union County
Vol 2: Cogan House, Cummings, Eldred, Fairfield, Franklin Twps
Vol 3: Gamble, Hepburn, Jackson and Jordan Townships
Vol 9: Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Hughesville