Lycoming County Genealogical Society
Research Request Page



One hour of research by the staff of the Lycoming County Genealogical Society is only $15, and it can be paid on line by clicking on PayPal "Buy Now" button, or via USMail with a personal check.   Note - to buy more than one hour, change the "Quantity" on the Order Summary screen (Check Out)

Once you have paid via Paypal, send us an email with the following information:

  1. Please make your request as concise as possible (what are you researching)
  2. List birth and death dates if know - if not, approximate.
  3. List where born and died - if known.
  4. List where living and when - if known.
  5. Tell us what you already know.
  6. Your contact information in case we need to discuss your request with you.
  7. Number of hours research time purchased through Paypal.

If you pay by check (see our address at the bottom of this page), you can email us the same information, and when we receive your check, we will start researching for you.